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Uppblåsbar flytande simboj - Swimsåk

SWIMSÅK | 2-I-1 uppblåsbar flytande simboj och vattentät torrsäck


  • Tillverkad av slitstark PVC med högfrekvent svetsade sömmar
  • 2-i-1-designen innehåller både ett uppblåsbart luftkammarutrymme samt ett separat 10L torrpåseutrymme
  • Nylonband som är bekväm att bära i vattnet och utformat för att inte skada huden.
  • Midjebältet är justerbart från 71cm-127cm
  • Justerbar lina från 81cm-150cm
  • Reflekterande logotyp


    Product Description

    SwimSåk is smartly designed swim buoy that fastens to your waist with an adjustable belt and a tether line.

    Made fromlightweight yet strong PVC, SwimSåk'shighly visible yellow color andreflective logo help you to be spotted by boaters, jet skis, paddlers, surfers while on the water.

    The bag itself incorporates both an inflatable air chamber compartment, as well as a separate 10L dry bag space! Perfect safety device for open water or long distance swimmers and triathletes.

    Put your cell phone in the dry compartment (we recommend always using a secondary waterproof case or ziplock bag) and track your swims, or share your location with loved ones so they can monitor and know you are safe.

    We Stand Behind our Gear!

    All of our products are backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee, and lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects - Love S.Å.K. or your money back!  We also have the best customer service team...ever.  Seriously, if you have any questions, comments or concerns we are always here for you.

    Technical Specifications

    Materials: Bag: Waterproof PVC with welded seams, Webbing: nylon-polyester blend

    Weight: Bag: 12 oz (0.75 lbs)

    Bag Measurements (Empty and Flat): 23.5” tall, 12” wide

    Bag Measurements when closed and full: 16” tall, 10” wide, 7" deep

    Dry Bag Compartment Capacity: 10 Liters

    Length of Waist Belt: Adjustable 28-50"

    Length of Tether Line: Adjustable 32-59"

    WARNING: Although SwimSåk is buoyant when inflated, it is NOT rated as a personal flotation device (PFD) or lifesaving device.  SwimSåk should NOT be used as a substitute for a life jacket or other PFD.

    Waterproof Rating: SwimSåk is rated IPX-6; it is intended to protect your belongings from rain, splashes, and intermittent shallow submersions - such as dropping overboard or accidentally falling into the water.  It is NOT intended for underwater use or prolonged submersions.



    Designed in Pennsylvania USA | Made in China

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